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ensor Tower, a US research firm. Over the last few year▓s, China’s short video market has seen▓ explosive growth as Chinese Internet users increasingly


embrace the format. Who are the viewers of these videos of less than 20 minutes in length? Why does the content attract th▓em? How has short video market growth been after regulation▓?I

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ndividuals: A new way of entertainm▓entThe short video is slowly filling up the f▓ragments of time. They are perfect for young, tech-savvy consumers who take their mobile devices everywh

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ere and use them to ac▓cess social media or to fill in short breaks between activities. "Short videos are popular▓ because they are complementary to traditional audio and video cont

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ent on the Internet," Su▓n Jiashan, of the Chinese National Academy of Arts, told Xinhua.Compared with long-form videos, the shorter version has many advantages, including time-saving and being responsive to audience needs.Companies: A new way to generate contentUsing this format ▓to generate content is rapidly becoming a global phenomenon. China’s biggest Netflix▓-l

ike streaming site iQiyi finally has a plan to get▓ into user-generated short-form videos.“It’s different now. We’ve noticed apps featu▓ring short-form video are taking off,” Gong Yu, iQiyi CEO, told Bloomberg Television on May 18.Companies like Tencent, Sohu, ▓and iQiyi have all started providing short video content. Even government agencies are gett

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ed.On May 19, International Museum Day, Douyin joined with seven country-level mu▓seums in China to launch creative short videos on cultural relics. The two videos

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have been seen more than 118 million times and received 6.5 million times likes and over 170,000 shares.“The gove▓rnment actions could be regarded a

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s ▓a chance for the healthy development of the indust▓ry," Chen Zhou, a strategic consultant w▓ith YY Inc. told Xinhua.The shortcut is often a wrong cutWhi

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le the short video meets the audience▓s' needs, concerns over vulgar, violent, gory, pornographic and other harmful content still exist.▓According to Xinhua

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, one of the most watched videos on Kuaishou was about a 14-year-old ▓girl giving birth to a child. It received many "likes" on her page, raising serious p

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ublic concerns b▓ecause many viewers are young, including teenagers.Ac▓cording to the China Internet Network In▓formation Center (CNNIC), China had a total o

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f 57▓9 million online video viewers and 422 million ▓live streaming viewers by the end of 2017. Su ▓Hua, CEO of Kuaishou, admitted that the firm didn'

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t comply with government rules regarding the birthing video or the morality behind▓ it since they pursued the click rate blindly. The "Provisions on t

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he Administration of Internet Live-Streaming Services," which took eff▓ect in 2016, indicates the short video plat▓form has classification management and 


content review obligations.In response to the criticism, Kuaishou has deleted the relevant video and issued an apology on its official account on Weibo, a

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nd opened a self-supervision page on the company's official website.Make▓ a better environment for the market“The Chinese short video industry ought

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among the first Chinese apps to successfully gain worldwide reach. Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease▓ scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatVolkswagen expands footprint in

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